BRX Services | Excursions



Our adventures and excursions around the island will make you fall in love with this Paradise

Zip Lines Mega Splash
Horses VIP
Buggy VIP
Polaris VIP
Buggy & Zip Line Mega Splash
Buggy & Horses
Polaris & Horses
Super combo Buggy, Zip line & Horses
Super combo Polaris, Zip line & Horses
Zip line & Horses
Safari Bávaro Runners
Polaris & Zip Line Mega Splash
Santo Domingo City Tour
Zip Lines Adventures
Monkey Land Safari
Jungle Buggy Adventure
Zip Lines + Monkeyland
Jungle Buggies + Ziplines
Jungle Buggies + Monkeyland
Triple Jungle Adventure
Wild Tiger Buggy
Wild Tiger Polaris
Caribbean Pirates
Dolphin Discovery Ecounter
Dolphin Discovery Swim adventure
Dolphin Discovery Royal swim
Padi Discover Scuba Diving
Fishing at cap Cana
Saona Island
Coco Bongo
Beach Horses
ScapePark (Full Admission)
Wild On (Super Combo)
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